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Posted by ambervoip on 27.03.2006 at 14:13:

wishes :)

great system. what additional rhings i expect in final version:

1. g729 and g723.1 (at least g729) codecs. maybe support for money. for them. just as example, provider from my home country giving me local phone and rates and only support g729 - www.ntt.lt;

2. jabber (with all modules- msn, yahoo, aol etc) + asterisk integration Jive software offer so nice server, it installed at my laptop and have some integration with asterisk.
this way userw will get more integration + possible to build own scripts (for admin of course) and do IM calling, IM callback etc;

3. billing. someone asked for a2billing. it really nice and i use it frequently. at least companies can be interested to cound costs - but to integrate to existing environment, a2billing need, of course, heavy patching;

4. some debug tool to watch related to mine accounts asterisk CLI output.

5. some modification of callback (now you use DISA, so easy to add small context and some ivr - will be clear for user) if need, i can send context.

6. i put it under #6, but i think it should be at beginning smile IAX2 support. Very important. Btw, only IAX2 provide good DTMF support, sip is not good with delays > 100 ms. your asian customers can be not happy.

7. ability to build own context and processing. of course, have to think about restrictions, and disallow some commands; or just created context have to be sent to admin/moderator for preview.

Posted by virtualorbis on 29.03.2006 at 19:32:

RE: wishes :)

What about extension call logs in XML format?

Posted by ambervoip on 30.03.2006 at 20:32:

guys can just install a2billing or any other billing and send automatically weekly CDR by email. yes, - life without CDR is not best smile

Posted by SIP on 30.03.2006 at 21:14:

I have been a strong pro for A2billing, but after i talked to Pascal (who is very nice guy indeed ) i am now conviced that,
1) those guys from i-p-tel are very seriouse about our requists, and we have to thank them for that
2) A2billing is quite another system, and it would make it very complicated to be configrated by simple guys like me.
Any way I got good news regarding A2billing and i am not going to tell you untill you see it yourself Augenzwinkern
just remeber what i said about those guys, they are realy serious.
thanks I-P-tel for all you do for the SIP community

Posted by supernettel on 31.03.2006 at 08:18:

I Agree with SIP, and quite franky billuing is important, however lets put a higher value on stability and ease of use for now. I am certain that in time the feature will contunue to come doen the line.

I also believe as SIP does that I-P-Tel.com (that is so hard to type correctly when I constantly switch from Spanish to English Keyboard! ) work VERY hard and want to make a good product. That is exactly the reason I have contributed in the ways that I have, These guys not only read the forums they reply!

Posted by ambervoip on 31.03.2006 at 22:09:

Agree totally. Already very good job. It is offers smile
Reg. A2billing - i have made it 'hosted' before. it is possible.

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