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Posted by dubaistu on 09.07.2006 at 06:34:

Numberic Alias

Some services such as didww.com have a quirk in their software that only allows SIP URI forwarding to sip addresses that have phone numbers, e.g. 12125551212@sip.voipprovider.com. I've heard that Voxbone operates the same way.

It would be nice if we could create an alias to our extensions in that format when needed. As it is, I'm doing something like creating an FWD account, SIP forwarding to it, and registering FWD as a trunk. It is just one more hop for a call and one more place for somethig to go wrong.

What I'd like to be able to see is a limited number of aliases, so I can define something like to map 12345678@pbxes.com to map to dubaistu-1111@pbxes.com.

Posted by Diafora on 09.07.2006 at 14:39:

dubaistu, that's an excellent idea.

Pascal is it easyfor such a mapping to be created?

Posted by supernettel on 19.07.2006 at 06:47:

I have a number of DIDWW DIDs pointed to addresses such as USERNAME-200@pbxes.com , and they work fine. I have seen no quirk there.

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