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Thread: RE: Google Voice Peering

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RE: Google Voice Peering 20.11.2010 06:03 Forum: News

I attempted to set this up with two accounts both gmail names over 25 char and every time the name gets truncated for the inbound route. If I try to resave it with the longer name it gives a SQL insert error where it seems to be inserting the full name. If I attempt to place a call it never comes through. I am not sure if this is because the inbound route name displayed does not match the trunk name? Or is there another issue?

Thread: RE: All incoming calls always rejected as "Busy"

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RE: All incoming calls always rejected as "Busy" 20.08.2010 00:24 Forum: Bugs

It was driving me crazy smile

Gizmo5 > ext.100 worked.

I'll be experimenting with things more now that I finally got it to ring.

Good to know that 000 lets you log in and place calls but wont route inbound.


Thread: RE: All incoming calls always rejected as "Busy"

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All incoming calls always rejected as "Busy" 19.08.2010 20:55 Forum: Bugs

I am not sure if this is a bug or not but I am out of ideas.

In it's simplest form I want to call from 1 pbxes.org account to another.
I also want to be able to forward my Gizmo5 calls to one of my extensions.
However every config combination results in the caller getting a "busy here" and the pbxes call monitor showing the call rejected as busy. My sip clients, sipdroid and twinkle, never ring. I assume it not to be a local network issue since both clients work fine with Gizmo5.

Here is what I have...
- Extension: 000
- Incoming Default Route
- Configured with "*" hours and extension 000
- Incoming direct route with extension's 000 name.
- Currently configured with working hours to experiment.
- Also has extension set to 000
- Trunk: Gizmo5
- I don't think this is relevant since I can't do direct pbxes calls anyway.

I have attempted using groups as described in the wiki with no luck.
I did notice that when I set privacy manager or voice mail the client does get connected to them.
*43 test works no problem.
7777 fails to ring me back.

So this leaves me to believe that there is some issue between pbxes and my clients.

An additional note, I can use my 000 extension to call my Gizmo5 account directly no problem. But Gizmo5 calling the 000 extension fails.

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