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Thread: RE: Reselling- Reseller's domain

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RE: Reselling- Reseller's domain 21.09.2009 17:52 Forum: News

Resell the service
We want to resell the service to our local business customer.
We have read most of the thread regarding this.
But we still got some thing want to clear:
1. If just “premium account” can we resell or can we resell all of the account just premium account got discount?
2. the resale discounted rate is only one time for us or lifetime for us keep this customer?
3. If all our our customer pay us and we will use one Payapl account to pay you? OR all customer have to pay you directly use Paypal?
4. for blacklisting, if we never have free account. All of accounts will be paid accounts. So, there is no blacklisting for us?
5. customized: What can we do for it? If all of our customer will have the user interface with our logo + PBXes logo? This look like white label reseller?

Thanks a lot!

Thread: RE: problems with pbxes (no sound)

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Pfeil RE: problems with pbxes (no sound) 21.09.2009 17:34 Forum: Miscellaneous

and it were imported from china>>>>>>>
this maybe copy form Liksysy. I know that cost under USD$10 each. you can find them from eBay. but not working at all time. check the MAC.

Showing posts 1 to 2 of 2 results

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