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Thread: RE: Problems with Finarea providers

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Problems with Finarea providers 21.04.2006 06:23 Forum: Miscellaneous

I have got 3 trunks with internetcalls,voipstunt and voipbuster, they use to work perfectly before the down time on 19.04 but now they shows online but never make out going call. I allways get the msg ''all circuites are busy now please try your call later''
I checked my dial rouls but it's all ok. I also tried every one of the account on my ATA and they work problem free.
when I use some other trunks which I did not had them on my account before they work just fine. I am wondering what the case should be.

Thread: RE: ERROR speak ARABIC

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ERROR speak ARABIC 15.04.2006 08:05 Forum: Miscellaneous

My phone rings, I pickup and : hello
The caller: salamu alikum,
I stopped for a while and, wa alikum aslam I answered back.
caller: who are you?
SIP: geschockt Haaaam,,, aren't you calling me? verwirrt
caller: Sorry but I am calling my ext 200 on I-P-Tel
SIP: It's ok!!! it happens
Caller: can you please help me setting this thingout, I am new to this?
SIP: sure I'll do what ever I can, but tell me first, how did you dialed to call?
caller: I dialed sip/200
SIP: geschockt that's all?
caller: I think so.

I went to my call monitor and my status and they show <800> calling <767> !!!!

how come he called my <767> while dialling 200??? ok it can be easy, but you have to know that i have no extensions exept <767>and<535> !!!! may be you have an answer but for me
it still funny and scarry meanwhile.

furthermore we went and he gave me his account user name and password, all this while we were still
and when I logged on guess what? He is not on his pbx.
He claims that he is calling from his PBX, but he does not seem to be online at all.
to make sure i checked his call monitor and there is not a single call out or in, the account is
brand new!!!
ok it might happen if he is calling from other provider, that what I thought untill I
figured out that his soft phone has no other provider or any thing, his is using Xlit for the 1st time.
and even if he has it with any provider or even from his own IP I should see 800@hisip, but nothing.

Now think about it like that:

some one calls from his sipphone to (SIP/200) while his phone is not configured to use any server
and the call comes to SIP-767@pbx.i-p-tel.com
meanwhile SIP account on I-P-TEL does not have any extention called 200 not to forget that the guy is not connected to his account@pbx.i-p-tel.com

before I put my tangue on my head I have to tell you 2 funny things, the 1 is that both of us are not Arab but we used Arabic to communicate since it is the 3nd language for both of use. the guy is from Germany and I am from some other place großes Grinsen .
the 2nd thing is the most important!!!! It is that whenever he calls any number from 3 digits with or without the switch (sip/) he finds himself ringing me.
I find no logical way to explain that!!! may be it is due to my shortage of knowlge, but I absolutly beleive in destiny, since we are now bussines partners Freude

Dear Dr Pascal you can feel free to loggon my account and check all that, since I might be mistaken


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Linked with Asterisk 09.04.2006 14:44 Forum: Terminal Equipment

Ok I habe my A@H running at my office and I am willing to have it connected to I-P-TEL PBX.
what should I do? I tried to make an extention on the pbx and use it as trank on my aah box!!! it does not work.
I don't know where to configure IAX


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05.04.2006 13:37 Forum: Queues, Digital Receptionist, Faxmail, Voicemail and Ring Groups

I don't know why you need all this complecation?!!!
any way why don't you try the hunt under ring group.
I think you can make a ring group (main) then make 2 other groups (201 and 301) then add extentions under which you will make extentions 202 and 302
then go to group (main) and configure it to ring groups 201 and 301 useing the hunt facility.
i think if a group will be able to ring group then you would have no problem. but disable vm on every extention.
otherwise you might need to creat an other account on iptel and ask your main group to ring the sipaccount. and follow the easy way.

forsure if the guys from ipetel would add your request it would be better as i can't see other way to configure it.
yet my question will be!!! do you really need all that?!!!

Thread: RE: payment methods

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31.03.2006 08:52 Forum: Feature Requests

CC , moneybooker and pay pal


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30.03.2006 21:14 Forum: Feature Requests

I have been a strong pro for A2billing, but after i talked to Pascal (who is very nice guy indeed ) i am now conviced that,
1) those guys from i-p-tel are very seriouse about our requists, and we have to thank them for that
2) A2billing is quite another system, and it would make it very complicated to be configrated by simple guys like me.
Any way I got good news regarding A2billing and i am not going to tell you untill you see it yourself Augenzwinkern
just remeber what i said about those guys, they are realy serious.
thanks I-P-tel for all you do for the SIP community

Thread: RE: payment methods

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30.03.2006 21:07 Forum: Feature Requests

I hope they will use CC or moneybooker, since no thing else is avilable for me here.


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27.03.2006 13:25 Forum: Miscellaneous

thanks for the answer. but i swear to god that i understand no thing.

I am also useing riiing and i am also in UAE (abu dhabi) i have USA DDI with lingo, and i have UK DDI with both skype and voipuser but i can't get a clue how can i get them work for a call back and call thru when I am in europe.
I am sorry if i'll need to ask you again, but please tell me how can i use it? what are the possble senrios?
thanks in advance


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call back and call thru pin 26.03.2006 23:55 Forum: Miscellaneous

Can any one give a practical senrio of how those things work.
how can i get used of them?

Thread: RE: Backup Sites

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19.03.2006 16:07 Forum: Bugs

Today it was down also. it would have been nice if we could be noticed before the down time accure, we are running tests on your services and all the time we get errors we assume that is from our network specially when we can logon to the accounts.

Thread: A2billing

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A2billing 04.03.2006 23:27 Forum: Feature Requests

your work is quite fine for me, yet think adding A2billing would make it near to perfection.
Many companies might use your system as it give a great addition.
I believe that the whole idea behind VOIP is simply to be discribed as additional service but never a solution. so in order to make your service better i advice to add A2billing.
For me it would help a lot as i can give my friends a way to make VOIP calls for prepaid amount or what ever suffecient method.
Are you going to add A2billing? or once have to pay the 45 Euro to get it.
I think as fare as you are on the beta level you have to add it soon befor you shift to higher level so it would be tested.
Any way i would like to hear your answer as it was asked befor but no answer was posted.

Thread: RE: call conference

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call confference 03.03.2006 21:12 Forum: Feature Requests

What about call confference? where to configure that


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Extentions login problems 03.03.2006 00:49 Forum: Terminal Equipment

I have the following problems and i hope some one can help.

1) Some of my extentions shows that they are online even after they are off line for a long period
2) many times when my extentions are online they are not showing online and they can not make calls between them or connect to the server
3) some off the extentions work for a while perfectly and then they show busy status for long time even like 500 minute. i have only to go and disconnect them from FOP

and thanks a lot

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