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[edit] Answering SIP Calls

One of the defined features is answering calls to This is actually slightly more advanced than simply that.

First of all, calls to will come in as incoming calls and get processed by your inbound routes. If you don't have a route that matches all calls (ie, trunk and CID blank), or the address you define (see example), you won't receive these calls.

Extensions are private. This means calls to <account-name>-<extension> will look the same, by default, as <account-name> calls. The following example illustrates how to set up this function:

   Incoming Route
      Trunk: username-salesdept
      CID Number: 
      Set Destination: Ring Group 2
   Incoming Route
      CID Number:9493284720

      Set Destination: Ring Group 1

Here calls to will go to ring group 2, but all other calls will go to ring group 1.

If you're having trouble, try using the IP address ( instead of the domain name. For example, did not work in my trials, but and the ip address both worked.

Information taken this forum post