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Currently there are a number of mobile phones available in the market, which support VoIP over WLANs and 3G Data networks. This allows for all the features of PBXes to be available on a single handset at home, at the office and on the go. Some advantages over the plain GSM telephony are:

  • Unified CallerID. The PBXes CallerID will be shown to the called party, instead of the mobile phone's number.
  • Unified Music on hold based on your PBXes account selection, instead of carrier announcements.
  • Optional Time-based Routing, Ring Group participation, Privacy Manager for anonymous calls.
  • Calls are billed as data on WLAN/3G plans, not as Mobile airtime.
  • Avoid high roaming costs by using hotspots when staying in hotels or passing through airports.

Paid accounts on PBXes are capable of creating mobile extensions. These allow for provisioning of a PSTN number where to reach the extension in case of missing or lost WLAN/3G connectivity.


[edit] Contractual Terms

PBXes provides you with the PBX itself. You decide which providers you subscribe and connect it to.

If you are going to use VoIP services outside private wireless networks, it's your responsibility to check the contractual terms with the mobile operator:

Often mobile phone operators forbid using VoIP in the contract's fine print. The European Union is already looking at whether blocks on VoIP service by Europe's mobile phone operators might breach competition laws.

The following plans are suitable for unlimited hotspot/3G usage:

  • USA: "T-Mobile has *no restrictions* on using SIP as a signaling protocol." (source)

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[edit] Phones

Provisioning of these Mobile extensions need to follow certain configuration, particularly with regard to seamless switch-over from WLAN/3G to mobile networks:

[edit] Android

Install SIP software from:

To hear voicemail call *97.

[edit] Trunks

Numbers can be automatically converted from +xxx international format for IP calls by writing 011++|. into the trunk's rules (substitutes + by 011).