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[edit] Applikationen

      AbsoluteTimeout: Set absolute maximum time of call
       AddQueueMember: Dynamically adds queue members
               Answer: Answer a channel if ringing
         Authenticate: Authenticate a user
           BackGround: Play a file while awaiting extension
                 Busy: Indicate the Busy condition
          ChanIsAvail: Check channel availability
           CheckGroup: Check the channel count of a group against a limit
           Congestion: Indicate the Congestion condition
                  Cut: Splits a variable's contents using the specified delimiter
                DBdel: Delete a key from the database
                DBget: Retrieve a value from the database
                DBput: Store a value in the database
                 Dial: Place a call and connect to the current channel
         DigitTimeout: Set maximum timeout between digits
                 Echo: Echo audio read back to the user
                 Goto: Jump to a particular priority, extension, or context
               GotoIf: Conditional goto
           GotoIfTime: Conditional Goto based on the current time
               Hangup: Hang up the calling channel
                Macro: Macro Implementation
               MeetMe: MeetMe conference bridge
                NoCDR: Tell Asterisk to not maintain a CDR for the current call
                 NoOp: Do Nothing
          NVFaxDetect: Detects fax sounds on all channel types (IAX and SIP too)
               Pickup: Directed Call Pickup
             Playback: Play a file
            PlayTones: Play a tone list
       PrivacyManager: Require phone number to be entered, if no CallerID sent
             Progress: Indicate progress
                Queue: Queue a call for a call queue
                 Read: Read a variable
    RemoveQueueMember: Dynamically removes queue members
             ResetCDR: Resets the Call Data Record
      ResponseTimeout: Set maximum timeout awaiting response
              Ringing: Indicate ringing tone
            SayDigits: Say Digits
          SayUnixTime: Says a specified time in a custom format
                  Set: Set channel variable(s) or function value(s)
          SetCallerID: Set CallerID
           SetCIDName: Set CallerID Name
             SetGroup: Set the channel's group
               SetVar: Set channel variable(s)
         SIPAddHeader: Add a SIP header to the outbound call
          StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel
        StopPlayTones: Stop playing a tone list
            VoiceMail: Leave a Voicemail message
        VoiceMailMain: Check Voicemail messages
                 Wait: Waits for some time
            WaitExten: Waits for an extension to be entered

[edit] Funktionen

VMCOUNT               VMCOUNT(vmbox[@context][|folder])    Counts the voicemail in a specified mailbox
CALLERID              CALLERID(datatype)                   Gets or sets Caller*ID data on the channel.
SORT                  SORT(key1:val1[...][,keyN:valN])     Sorts a list of key/vals into a list of keys, based upon the vals
CUT                   CUT(<varname>,<char-delim>,<range-s  Slices and dices strings, based upon a named delimiter.
QUEUEAGENTCOUNT       QUEUEAGENTCOUNT(<queuename>)         Count number of agents answering a queue
URIENCODE             URIENCODE(<data>)                    Encodes a string to URI-safe encoding.
URIDECODE             URIDECODE(<data>)                    Decodes an URI-encoded string.
TXTCIDNAME            TXTCIDNAME(<number>)                 TXTCIDNAME looks up a caller name via DNS
ENUMLOOKUP            ENUMLOOKUP(number[,Method-type[,opt  ENUMLOOKUP allows for general or specific querying of NAPTR records or counts of NAPTR types for ENUM or ENUM-like DNS pointers
CHECKSIPDOMAIN        CHECKSIPDOMAIN(<domain|IP>)          Checks if domain is a local domain
SIPCHANINFO           SIPCHANINFO(item)                    Gets the specified SIP parameter from the current channel
SIPPEER               SIPPEER(<peername>[:item])           Gets SIP peer information
SIP_HEADER            SIP_HEADER(<name>)                   Gets or sets the specified SIP header
MUSICCLASS            MUSICCLASS()                         Read or Set the MusicOnHold class
LANGUAGE              LANGUAGE()                           Gets or sets the channel's language.
TIMEOUT               TIMEOUT(timeouttype)                 Gets or sets timeouts on the channel.
DB_EXISTS             DB_EXISTS(<family>/<key>)            Check to see if a key exists in the Asterisk database
DB                    DB(<family>/<key>)                   Read or Write from/to the Asterisk database
IFTIME                IFTIME(<timespec>?[<true>][:<false>  Temporal Conditional: Returns the data following '?' if true else the data following ':'
IF                    IF(<expr>?[<true>][:<false>])        Conditional: Returns the data following '?' if true else the data following ':'
EXISTS                EXISTS(<data>)                       Existence Test: Returns 1 if exists, 0 otherwise
SET                   SET(<varname>=[<value>])             SET assigns a value to a channel variable
ISNULL                ISNULL(<data>)                       NULL Test: Returns 1 if NULL or 0 otherwise
CDR                   CDR(<name>[|options])                Gets or sets a CDR variable
STRFTIME              STRFTIME([<epoch>][,[timezone][,for  Returns the current date/time in a specified format.
LEN                   LEN(<string>)                        Returns the length of the argument given
REGEX                 REGEX("<regular expression>" <data>  Regular Expression: Returns 1 if data matches regular expression.
FIELDQTY              FIELDQTY(<varname>,<delim>)          Count the fields, with an arbitrary delimiter
GROUP_LIST            GROUP_LIST()                         Gets a list of the groups set on a channel.
GROUP                 GROUP([category])                    Gets or sets the channel group.
GROUP_MATCH_COUNT     GROUP_MATCH_COUNT(groupmatch[@categ  Counts the number of channels in the groups matching the specified pattern
GROUP_COUNT           GROUP_COUNT([groupname][@category])  Counts the number of channels in the specified group
MATH                  MATH(<number1><op><number 2>[,<type  Performs Mathematical Functions
CHECK_MD5             CHECK_MD5(<digest>,<data>)           Checks an MD5 digest
MD5                   MD5(<data>)                          Computes an MD5 digest