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How do i make a call out to someone else?

Account blocked


My account was blocked for extra minutes used for a particular month. My PayPal has just been credited for Premium account. But the account is still blocked please help.

Also how can a downgrade to a soho account?

thanking you


[edit] Need help wih calls going out

I set up everything. I am using acrobits to make outgoing calls. My pbx on acrobits turns green and connects well. When I go into my pbx account I can see via call history that calls are going through the pbx but the trunck is not connecting to my SIP truck. The calls says that it could not connect. It has to be something with my outgoing


Trunk setup gives error "DB:Syntax Error"

What does that mean? There are only three items for, Pwd, and Proxy.

What is PBXes rejecting?

syntax possibly in the URL. Syntax means "rules for command entries, switches, arguments"


Try this. that is the "syntax" the trunk assembles for you when you fill on all the fields.


How do i configure a Switch2Voip account on your PBX, i see i can pay for support, i would like to pay for support but the contact form is not working.

[edit] When creating an inboud routing I cannot save - error message "please select a destination"

I am prompted to select the destination, which I do. But it does not seem to work. Please help. thanks you

[edit] Reseller Account Change from Pro to Premium w/o disrupting clients.


I have a "Pro Account". However, I do not need the CRM features myself and I would like to change to a Premium level account. I am a reseller and do not want to disrupt my clients. Please advise how to do this. Thanks in advance.