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[edit] VPN Service

If you want to hide all communication from your local network provider you can dial into our VPN service. All data packets will be encapsulated into a tunnel ending in our data center from where they enter your PBX or pass into public Internet. Configuration is as follows:

VPN name your choice
VPN server www#.pbxes.com

For # see URL line after logging into PBXes with browser

Enable encyrption yes
DNS search domains leave empty
Username <account name>-<extension no.>

e.g. pamsoft-200

Password pbxes

Please note:

  • Minutes connected to VPN service will be added to your monthly bandwidth usage. Free Accounts allow to be connected for more than a day. For up to a few days a Premium Account would be OK, but regular usage requires a PRO Account which has no bandwidth limitation.
  • VPN connections may be blocked by some network providers. Wireless LANs often do not route the underlying protocol for PPTP.
  • Access to PBXes over VPN will only work reliable over TCP protocol. This is the default setting within Sipdroid.
  • While connected you can only make and receive calls. To browser or mail, VPN needs to be disconnected.